Las Vegas Review Journal Endorses Wes Duncan for AG

Nevada voters in November will decide who should hold a variety of state constitutional offices beyond the governorship. The position of attorney general is the most important of the bunch, and the race offers a clear contrast between the two major candidates.

Republican Wes Duncan, a deputy staff judge advocate in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, was elected twice to the Assembly before leaving in 2016 to become the first assistant to Attorney General Adam Laxalt, who now seeks the Governor’s Mansion. Mr. Duncan resigned his position to devote his energies to replacing his former boss. If elected, he says his priority will be the public safety realm, and he has secured the endorsement of many of the state’s law enforcement agencies. “I’m running to make Nevada the safest place to raise a family,” he said.

Along those lines, Mr. Duncan promotes an agenda that includes more transitional housing to help attack the scourge of domestic violence. He also wants a boost to mental health funding to set up psychiatric emergency rooms throughout the state.

On other issues, Mr. Duncan says he opposes executing federal immigration policy through presidential executive orders rather than congressional action. He would fight plans to implement sanctuary city policies in the Silver State and says that, if elected, he would push back against federal overreach when it comes to the state’s public lands.

Mr. Duncan’s opponent is Democrat Aaron Ford, majority leader of the state Senate. During his time in Carson City, Mr. Ford and his caucus have sought to greatly expand Nevada’s administrative state at the expense of small and large businesses. Expect more of such progressive activism if he becomes the state’s chief law enforcement officer.

The affable Wes Duncan is the clear choice in this race. He has the experience, temperament and intellectual heft to be an exceptional attorney general.

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