The Ely Times: Attorney General candidate visits Ely

Wesley Duncan, candidate for the State Attorney General seat stopped in Ely for a quick visit with local law enforcement on Wednesday.

Duncan’s biggest theme is mental health and he’s doing this statewide round table to discern common issues and best practices that could eventually evolve into statewide policy.

Right now, if someone is having a mental health crisis, people call 911, and in the rural areas, the person usually ends up in the emergency room, or jail.

Duncan feels those aren’t the best practices for those people, and there are options that he would like to implement that are already in use in other parts of Nevada.

Duncan feels the attorney general is the first and foremost top law enforcement officer in the state.

“I tell people my background, being an Iraq war veteran, a current air force reservist,  former prosecutor, and prior First Assistant to Attorney General Adam Laxalt, I have the passion and experience,” he said. “When I get up every day I focus on wanting to keep all our communities across the state safe.”

Duncan spent the last two and a half years as first assistant Attorney General, gaining a lot of experience on how the office runs, the budget of the office, and how the staff operate.

“I  care about the office,” he said. “I came to Nevada because I was a Air Force Judge advocate, I won state assembly seat, won by a really long shot race, was re-elected but then was asked by Attorney General, Adam Laxalt to serve as Assistant Attorney General.”

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