Elko Daily Press: AG candidate Wes Duncan stops in Elko

ELKO – Mental health resources and early intervention are just two of the items Republican attorney general candidate Wes Duncan is looking at to try and ease the burden on law enforcement.

Visiting Elko on Tuesday, Duncan said he discussed “some of the deficit in mental health resources” in rural Nevada with members of the Elko County Sheriff’s Department and Elko Police Department.

“I think there’s a place for the Attorney General’s office to try to help with resources,” Duncan said. “I think it’s especially pronounced here in some of the rurals because there is no access.”

One concept Duncan explained is mobile outreach safety teams, or MOST, that would identify mental health calls apart from criminal calls with a staffed social worker or clinical psychiatrist working within the sheriff’s department or police department.

“For those who aren’t committing a crime, they either go to a regular ER — which isn’t the right place for them — or if there is some crime nexus, they will go to jail and that’s also not the greatest place for them either,” Duncan said.

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