Press Release – Conklin Team Caught Trying To Steal The Election

Press Release – Conklin Team Caught Trying To Steal The Election

October 24, 2012

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Conklin Team Caught Trying To Steal The Election Worker told to remove Duncan fliers
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Las Vegas, NV – Assemblyman Marcus Conklin’s, D-Las Vegas, field team was caught red-handed Wednesday removing opponent Wes Duncan’s, R-Las Vegas, literature from neighborhood doors. The walker, who was wearing a Conklin t-shirt and holding a stack of both Duncan and Conklin literature, said his boss Matt, told him to “remove Wes Duncan fliers” as they delivered Conklin’s.

Duncan campaign manager Nathan Emens personally witnessed the flier theft and made efforts to contact the leaders of the group to determine if this was an isolated case or misunderstanding. Another campaign worker who claimed to be a police officer then threatened Emens.

“I’m very disappointed that Marcus’ paid workers would do this,” said Emens. “I realize Marcus is afraid of his record in Carson City, but that is no reason to impede the democratic process of allowing the voters to make their choice in the voting booth.”

“In all of my years managing campaigns, I have never seen such blatant disrespect,” said Emens. “As we’re reaching the final days of this campaign, Conklin’s campaign and supporters have behaved increasingly badly.  From sending out mailers intended to scare the elderly into believing that Wes Duncan hates Medicare to this kind of tactic, the methods being used are shameful.  It’s sad, but given the fact that Marcus started the campaign by breaking the law and hiding campaign contributions, we probably shouldn’t be surprised.”

While Duncan cannot know how many of his fliers have been removed, Duncan has committed to moving past this incident and refocusing on contacting voters.

“I understand that the walkers employed by Conklin may not have know that what they were doing was wrong, and I do not plan to prosecute them,” Duncan said. “For my part, I am going to continue running a straight-up campaign focused on contacting voters so they know the clear choices in this election.”

For more information about Wes Duncan, visit www.WesDuncan.com.


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